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Rethinking German explainer journalism: launching and failing an online news startup

Loosely based on the project Publishing Perspectives, Alex and I decided to develop a product that solves the lack of context found in online news. Positioned between Wikipedia and Vox.com, we wanted to bring explainer journalism to Germany.
By talking to people from Neue Züricher Zeitung, Zeit Online, Krautreporter (some of which have since introduced similar features), we step by step refined the concept.
After writing a financial forecast and establishing an advisory board, we applied for programs such as the DPA‘s New Media Accelerator or Google‘s DNI Fund.
Christian at Hacks/Hackers Google event in Berlin, 2015 Hacks/Hackers Google event in Berlin, 2015
Although no funds were granted and the whole enterprise may be considered a failure, I learnt a tremendous amout about connecting with people, startup dynamics and team management in a very short span of time. And I would do it again, no doubt.