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Publishing Perspectives

How can journalistic content best be optimized for a mobile experience?

– By dividing it into bite-sized chunks and then rearranging it together to achieve a reading experience that's fast, flexible and connected.

Traditional journalistic formats often struggle when being displayed on mobile devices. In this project, we tried to find a solution by structuring the content in a different way. First, we chose to break it down into small modules (we called them cards).
App Screens
These cards are thematically bundled in clusters and can be exchanged, connected and embedded in each other. This enables the reader to create connections between different topics and grasp complex situations.
An exemplary click flow through the app concept (prototyping done with Framer).
Phone in Hand
This way, we take into account how users’ reading habits on a mobile device typically look like: Fast, fractional and associative. It‘s also perfect for reading on the go.
Phone on Desk
Working with a team from four different semesters gave the project a lot of diverse input and enabled us to work in a very agile and flexible way.